2. Contemplation
April 2009 / Browse the gallery

To start with, I was there with peace. Тhe perfectness
of the holly life on this beautiful earth gently opened up in front of me and sank into my soul, teaching me how to contemplate…

Now I contemplate the letters, rising up in me. They become words of love. With them I greet all artists who gifted me with their art; people who with love and understanding look after yards and gardens, turning into masterpieces the simple things they handle! In unity with the Universe, they create moments of contemplation that stay
and stand in front of you in my photographs.

To end, I thank you endlessly for being here! Now the circle is whole.

1. Temple of Earth, Faith of Spirit
April 2007 / Browse the gallery

My debut exhibition, called “Temple of Earth, Faith of Spirit”,
was held in two Bulgarian cities- Sofia and Varna.

Framed copies of the photographs were being sold in order to raise funds for the reconstruction of an old Christian temple, located in the mountain Stara Planina. This event, I consider a blessing of God and will always be grateful for the goodness, love and truth I was given and could give while it was unfolding.

Both exhibitions were held with the kind assistance of
Art Gallery Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you, Nadya and Boris! http://www.gallery-paris.com